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The GOODYEAR Batteries are designed and developed in the state-of-art manufacturing facility, which enables our customer to enjoy trouble free running of his vehicle. Each battery undergoes stringent quality checks before it is shipped out from the plant & reaches the end user. Goodyear Batteries is a fitting complement to your machines ensuring smooth and uninterrupted power at demand. Please read the enclosed contents to understand the terms and conditions of warranty.

In case you need our assistance, you can reach us through our Toll-free Helpline Number, mentioned on warranty card.

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Guidelines for Usage, Maintenance and Safety for Lead Acid Battery

1. GOODYEAR Batteries are supplied in filled and charged condition.
2. The Battery should be firmly secured in the cradle. Please ensure that cable clamps are fitted tightly and properly on the battery terminals. A loosely held battery vibrates and bounces during running, which may cause damage to container and plates of battery.
3. Ensure positive and negative terminals are connected properly & correctly, according to the polarity. Top of the battery must be kept clean and dry all the times. Dirt and Moisture on terminals may cause loss of power & makes the battery weak.
4. Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) should be applied on cable clamps & terminals of the battery to avoid corrosion. Never apply grease.
5. The battery is maintenance free (2W & 4W), Do not attempt to open the battery or its vent plug.
6. The regulator/alternator charging voltage measured across the battery terminals must be maintained between 14.00V to 14.40volts. Excessive voltage than specified, would overcharge the battery, leading to loss of electrolyte & premature failure of battery. Lesser voltage than specified would discharge the battery and the battery would become weak.
7. Top up of distilled water is required in Inverter battery as and when required, do not let the battery drain.
8. For superior performance and maximum life of battery, it is advised to check the regulator/charging system of vehicle once in every three months for recommended output voltage. A faulty electrical system will damage the battery.
9. Recharging is necessary, in instance of the battery in discharged condition due to long idling period for more than 3 to 4 weeks.
10. For more details of warranty coverage refer our Warranty Terms and Condition under warranty section on our website


1. Keep away from sparks & open flame, these can cause explosion.

2. Do not tilt the battery during usage or during transportation.

3. Keep out of reach of children.

4. Avoid metallic contact across the terminals as this can result in short circuit and sparking.

5. Do not use any battery additives or dopes. Never add acid

Important Notice:

This is to make you aware that your battery requires careful handling because of the following: –

(i) Lead Acid batteries contain Lead and Sulphur acid, which are highly toxic and extremely hazardous for health and environment.

(ii) Lead poisoning affects the central nervous system causing irreversible retardation and subsequently death.

(iii) Un-authorized smelters tend to pollute the air and ground water with these toxic substances during smelting.

To safeguard society, as per Battery Waste Management Rules, 2022 , The Government of India has notified as under:

It will be the responsibility of consumer, –

(i) To discard Waste Battery separately from other waste streams especially from mixed waste, domestic waste streams;

(ii) To ensure that Waste Battery are disposed of in an environment friendly manner by giving it to an entity engaged in collection or refurbishment or recycling

Hence, it is requested that please do not discard the battery in a trash bin or give/sell to a non-authorized person other than authorized dealers of Batteries. It is mandatory for our authorized dealer to accept a used battery and to provide corresponding rebate on purchase of a new Battery. Please note that violation of these guidelines may lead to legal action/prosecution by government authorities.

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