Goodyear launches a new range of engine oils & lubricants in India

The new line of lubricants from Goodyear ranges from engine oils for all kinds of passenger/heavy commercial vehicles to brake/transmission/diesel exhaust fluids and greases/hydraulic oils.

American tyre giant Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company (simply known as Goodyear), in collaboration with India’s Assurance International Limited (part of Satya Group), has announced the launch of Goodyear Lubricants in the country. Assurance International Limited is the official licensee of Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, USA, for Goodyear Lubricants in India and South-East Asia.

Expected to launch in November (under a licensing collaboration), the entire lubricant range will be ‘manufactured, sourced & distributed in India to complement Goodyear’s tyre product portfolio in this territory.’ 

As the name suggests, this marks Goodyear’s entry into the automotive lubricants industry in India and the brand is offering a wide range of products for all kinds of passenger (two- and four-wheelers)/heavy commercial vehicles. The range of lubricants consists of engine oils, greases, brake fluid, transmission oil, tractor oil, diesel exhaust fluid, gear oil and hydraulic oils. In this collaboration, Goodyear will be responsible for the Research & Development (R&D) support while Gurugram-based Assurance International will look after the manufacturing, marketing, sales & after-sales operations.

According to Mr Sanjay Sharma (Country Head – Sales, Marketing & Operations at Assurance International-Goodyear Lubricants), India is a strategically important market for automotive lubricants as it is among the top-three consumers, globally. In the first phase, Assurance International-Goodyear Lubricants will focus on the after-market segment, post which, the focus will shift to tie-ups with automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) during the second phase.